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    BugFixs/Enhancements/Additions · 6e0fb623
    Eric - kg6wxc authored
    Can change the non mesh markers info without having to recreate now.
    The polling script can now find the info for some nodes that it could
    not before, such as firmware, this was a pleasant side effect
    of trying to remove some of the bunk entries i nthe database.
    The polling script will now also try to check and "fix" the database,
    this is due to changes in the newer AREDN firmwares (anything beyond
    Some of those changes were made by me, just for the map. :)
    These DB "fixes" also include removing some columns that were no longer
    and were making the DB much larger than it needs to be, this will also
    help cut down on the memory footprint when loading the webpage.
    The numbers at the bottom of the map reflecting nodes and link, should
    be more accurate now (I hope).
    The Map legend has been change to use pure HTML5/CSS, the only images
    are the small circle icons, this may cause issues with very old
    Removed some files that were no longer needed or forgetten about.