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bugfix: removed errant "echo \n" from get-map-info

the newline was echo'd even in "silent mode" causing unneeded emails
from the cronjob.

Also removed chage comments from the main files since that info is now
parent edcff349
......@@ -16,40 +16,7 @@ $mtimeStart = microtime(true);
* One Script to rule them all!!
* Late Sept 2018
* move to private gitlab server
* firmware released!
* Mid April 2018
* Added the above check for CLI environment, this script should not be run in the browser!
* It will now exit if you try to do so.
* Cleaned up the Array generation in the map_functions file, PHP 7.2.3 barfed all over before,
* It is now done properly and has been tested on php5 and php7.
* moved the entire system to a new private git repo.
* more to come....
*late march 2017
*Many, many updates and changes.
*Almost a complete rewrite.
*No longer requires "olsr-topology-view",
*or wxc's original or build_topology.php.
*Also no longer requires jsontomysql.php or
*The temporary files called mesh_hosts and are no longer needed as well.
*You can safely delete all of those files if you had them.
*This one script should do it all.
*It will run different parts at different times.
*Now using "netcat" to get the olsr info, this was Mark's (N2MH) idea.
*Turns out there are "pure" PHP ways to do that, do not even have to make a call to "nc" any longer.
*Mark also caught a bug and now there is a better way to find the wifi mac address that should work for all devices.
*Moved many things into the wxc_functions file.
*Alternate IP to host name solution, since PHP's own function would sometimes fail.
*Moved wxc's totally site-specific stuff into an alternate file that is not required.
* see for notes
......@@ -750,7 +717,9 @@ if ($getNodeInfo) {
echo "\n";
if ($testNodePolling) {
echo "\n";
//Thanks to K6GSE
// Clear Variables so they do not carry over
$wifi_mac_address = NULL;
......@@ -20,32 +20,6 @@
* OpenTopoMap
/* Current version notes
* March 2018
* wow, it's been that long huh?
* now using git repo at
* fixed issues with running the webpage on PHP 7.2.3, it should be good now.
* tested on PHP 5.6.30 7.0.27-0+deb9u1 and 7.2.3
* had to create an array properly and not let PHP fix my mistakes for me. :)
* more to come!
* June 2017
* -----------------
* Added CSS values
* First pass at Optimization for Node and Topology array handling
* Moved several control values to user-setting.ini
* Including: Server Settings, Messages, Starting Coordinates and Zoom
* GSE: Moved map specific details to meshmap-settings.inif
* GSE: Optimized link building
* GSE: Cloned map.php to map_display.php for additional ( non-mesh ) features
* GSE: Moved Icon and Colour definitions to meshmap-settings.ini
* GSE: Moved all map building infrastruures to individual routines.
* GSE: Added ( Additional Markers ) - These are additional filtered non-mesh markers.
* GSE: Added Services to the mesh node pop up
* GSE: Added Popup to Link lines.
* GSE: Added another popup for those nodes with an non-standard firmware version. ( Visiable when layer is active )
* This file is part of the Mesh Mapping System.
* The Mesh Mapping System is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
......@@ -61,59 +35,7 @@
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with The Mesh Mapping System. If not, see <>.
/* Historical Notes ( colapsed )
* early march 2017
* -----------------
* sorted "Linked to:" popup list by distance and cost
* this was easiest by putting the distance info into the database.
* see the scripts for more info
* Can now tell the difference between "real" DTD links and those that are linked in some other way (mostly)
* Additionally, This page is becoming more and more modified to do things based on which "host" it is running on
* At SBARC we currently have 3 different "versions" of this page, plus my system I use for testing
* I was starting to lose track of what was where so it has all become one now.
* if you are running on a different host then things will default to "normal".
* early feb 2017
* -----------------
* changed to use only free (as in beer) maps
* OSM, openTopo, Stamen maps, etc.
* early jan 2017
* -----------------
* migrated to use mysqli
* also added the mapbox "topographic" maps (which suck)
* mid dec 2016
* -----------------
* yet another update (due to request)
* added distance and bearing info to the linked node listing in the station popup
* more updates dec 2016
* -----------------
* added lat, lon to the popup info
* added channel and bandwidth info to the station popups
* out of date (and maybe beta) firmware now shows up as red text in the station popups
* changed the bottom "attributions" section a bit, formatted it differently and added in the number of stations and links shown. :)
* v.03 early December 2016
* -----------------
* added fullscreen control.(mid november 2016).
* the basemap layers are now able to be switched.
* there is differentiation between the different bands.
* now more info in the stations popup.
* you can now filter out different bands and different types of links on the map.
* the node's name now shows up if you hover over the marker.
* I think I'm now able to pick out the tunnels vs. any other type of link... maybe
* v.02 early Nov 2016
* -----------------
* new "radio" icons
* "two way" link lines
* legend overlay
* v.01 inital map Oct 2016
* -----------------
//Increase PHP memory limit to 128M (you may need more if you are connected to a "Mega Mesh" :) )
ini_set('memory_limit', '128M');
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