Commit 229a3e6b authored by Eric - kg6wxc's avatar Eric - kg6wxc
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bugfix: typo and missing single quotes in wxc_functions.

wxc_checkOldNodes() function.
parent cf42ebdb
......@@ -691,7 +691,7 @@ function wxc_checkOldNodes() {
$last_seen = $row['last_seen'];
$valuesArray[] = "('$wifi_mac_address', '$node', '$model', '$firmware_version', '$lat', '$lon', '$ssid', '$chanbw', '$api_version', '$board_id',
'$tunnel_installed', '$active_tunnel_count', '$channel', '$firmware_mfg', '$lan_ip', '$wlan_ip', $uptime, $loadavg, $services, '$last_seen', NOW())";
'$tunnel_installed', '$active_tunnel_count', '$channel', '$firmware_mfg', '$lan_ip', '$wlan_ip', '$uptime', '$loadavg', '$services', '$last_seen', NOW())";
if ($valuesArray) {
......@@ -700,7 +700,7 @@ function wxc_checkOldNodes() {
$oldNodeQuery = "DELETE FROM node_info WHERE TIMESTAMPDIFF(DAY, node_info.last_seen, NOW()) > " . $GLOBALS['USER_SETTINGS']['node_expire_interval'];
//also just remove some old nodes that may still be present in the DB (from very old versions of these scripts)
wxc_putMyMsql("delete from node_info where is NULL");
wxc_putMySql("delete from node_info where is NULL");
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