Commit 47b93eea authored by Eric - kg6wxc's avatar Eric - kg6wxc
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Bugfix get-map-info.php

(I knew I would miss something!!)

Missed removing a deleted column from the sql query.

Also changed some comments on a function in wxc_function file.
parent bfbf4570
......@@ -556,7 +556,7 @@ if ($getNodeInfo) {
VALUES('$wifi_mac_address', '$node', '$model', '$firmware_version',
'$grid_square', '$ssid', '$chanbw', '$api_version', '$board_id',
'$tunnel_installed', '$active_tunnel_count', '$channel',
'$firmware_mfg', '$lan_ip', '$wlan_ip', '$sysinfoJson', '$olsrdInfo', NOW())
'$firmware_mfg', '$lan_ip', '$wlan_ip', '$sysinfoJson', NOW())
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE wifi_mac_address = '$wifi_mac_address', node = '$node', model = '$model', firmware_version = '$firmware_version',
grid_square = '$grid_square', ssid = '$ssid', chanbw = '$chanbw', api_version = '$api_version',
board_id = '$board_id', tunnel_installed = '$tunnel_installed',
......@@ -507,6 +507,8 @@ function wxc_checkOldNodes() {
//find any services the node knows about
//this should be no longer called
//but maybe we'll need it in the future.
function wxc_findServices($json_data, $type) {
if ($type == "services") {
$services = array();
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