Commit 725ab302 authored by Eric - kg6wxc's avatar Eric - kg6wxc
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working on load_LinkedTO function.

load_LinkerTO blows up in php7 due to the array not being created
php5 just happily fixed it for us and did not complain.
The issue is somewhat dealt with, Eric is still working on it.

This commit is also a test of the git system.
parent 2fac9a6c
......@@ -339,12 +339,23 @@ function load_LinkedTO($node_info, $TopoList)
if ($value['linkto'] == $node)
//echo var_dump($node_info['node']);
$linkedNode = array($value['node']);
$linkedNodesKeyNameArray = array("costFrom", "costTo", "distance", "bearing");
$linkedNode[$value['node']] = array_fill_keys($linkedNodesKeyNameArray, "");
$linkedNode[$value['node']]['costFrom'] = $value['cost'];
$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']][] = $linkedNode;
//this will be the cost FROM each linked station back TO the node we are currently looking at in the while loop
$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']][$value['node']]["costFrom"] = $value['cost'];
//$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']][$value['node']] = array_fill_keys($linkedNodesKeyNameArray, $value['cost']);
//$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']] = array($value['node'] => "");
if ($value['node'] == $node)
//$linkedNodesKeyNameArray = array("costTo", "distance", "bearing");
//this will be the cost TO each linked station FROM the node we are currently looking at in the while loop
//distance and bearing added too for goo measure! :)
//$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']][$value['linkto']] = array_fill_keys($linkedNodesKeyNameArray, "");
$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']][$value['linkto']]["costTo"] = $value['cost'];
//add in the distance to that linked node
$linkInfoForStationPopups[$node_info['node']][$value['linkto']]["distance"] = $value['distance'];
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