Commit a7d10534 authored by Eric - kg6wxc's avatar Eric - kg6wxc
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BugFix: Mouse clicks no longer propagate through the layer control box

Discovered how to remove an annoying behaviour of the "Grouped Layers"
Also fixed a couple other small things so the HTML was proper.
parent a3dd4c4a
......@@ -1080,7 +1080,9 @@ function instantiate_Map()
* Layer Control
L.control.groupedLayers(baseLayers, groupedOverlays, {position: 'topleft'}).addTo(map);
var layerControls = L.control.groupedLayers(baseLayers, groupedOverlays, {position: 'topleft'}).addTo(map);
* Scale Control
......@@ -412,11 +412,10 @@ if (isset($GLOBALS['hide_admin'])) {
//output nothing!!
}else {
echo "<strong><a style=\"float: right;\" href=\"admin/admin.php\">Admin</a>\n";
echo "<strong><a style=\"float: right;\" href=\"admin/admin.php\">Admin</a></strong>\n";
echo "<div id='mapid'>\n";
echo "</div>\n";
echo "<div id='mapid'></div>\n";
//$numNodes = count($NodeList); // WXC change: this was giving the wrong number.
//should not count nodes that have no location info, they are not on the map...
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