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    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      New Polling script! It will better catch all sysinfo.json values. · 5bf83196
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      It will also be easier to add more values later.
      The new script does not yet find the LAN IP Address, with all the new devices there are several interfaces that could be the LAN interface.
      LAN IP info isn't really needed for mapping anyways.
      Added new stable firmware to the default user-settings.ini file, please update your file.
      Added a new setting in the ini file "errorsInCron" that will have the script send errors when it is running from cron.
      The system running the map script will have to have a local MTA (at least) setup, the messages will be received in the local mail of the user the script is running as (this is default behavior for cron).
      Fixes #19
      Fixes #12 (hopefully)
      Fixes #10 (hopefully)
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    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      Changes to catch user created json file infomation · 0efa8188
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      (looking at you N2MH :) )
      This will probably not work in all situations, but it should work in most.
      At the very least, it'll give the DB some info to work with.
      There were missing IP/MAC addresses before and links could not be built for those devices.
  11. 28 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      bugfix: restore links for node when RF gets turned off · 058a3e7b
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      When RF was turned off there was no longer a wlan_ip to go off to build the links.
      There is actually still a psuedo IP, the mapping script just wasn't looking for it.
      Now it will find this IP if it detects "meshrf = off" in the json file.
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    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      Bugfixes/Changes · bd572f6c
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      Removed an errant "echo" that would cause output in "silent" mode.
      When the polling script parsed through the interfaces looking for the
      wlan MAC address and ip (and the LAN ip) it always had issues with the
      different versions of the json file on different firmwares.
      I think this has finally been solved.
      The polling script should pull the proper info from even a node
      now and if those nodes have location info they should now appear on the
      map too.
      The admins of those devices should be strongly reminded to update!!
      I mistakenly removed the red and green dot from the status area of the
      admin page. They are restored now.
      Parallel node polling will work now, but it is not recommended on large
      networks, as there is still no control over how many scripts are
      spawned. Small networks of should be just fine.
      (this has been tested many times on a network of 20-30 (sometimes 100's)
      with no issues)
      Use at your own risk though.
      New warnings in "Test Mode" to alert when a nodes location has been
      "fixed" or not. It's very noticable now.
      Some general clean up/typo fixing and removal of things that were long
      due for removal.
      fixed some file attributes.
      Added some things to be used in the near future but are not done yet.
  25. 21 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      BugFix: map_functions.php · 4bbb0024
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      Ability to Hide Admin Button
    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      BugFixs/Enhancements/Additions · 6e0fb623
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      Can change the non mesh markers info without having to recreate now.
      The polling script can now find the info for some nodes that it could
      not before, such as firmware, this was a pleasant side effect
      of trying to remove some of the bunk entries i nthe database.
      The polling script will now also try to check and "fix" the database,
      this is due to changes in the newer AREDN firmwares (anything beyond
      Some of those changes were made by me, just for the map. :)
      These DB "fixes" also include removing some columns that were no longer
      and were making the DB much larger than it needs to be, this will also
      help cut down on the memory footprint when loading the webpage.
      The numbers at the bottom of the map reflecting nodes and link, should
      be more accurate now (I hope).
      The Map legend has been change to use pure HTML5/CSS, the only images
      are the small circle icons, this may cause issues with very old
      Removed some files that were no longer needed or forgetten about.
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  27. 17 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      BugFix get-map-info wxc_functions · e8947ee9
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      Fixed the "ignored nodes" check. Nodes and devices that get ignored due
      to 404/no route to host/connection refused errors, will now be properly,
      and temporarily skipped over by the polling script.
  28. 10 Jun, 2018 1 commit