1. 30 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      BugFix/Enhancement export2csv admin-default.css · 1690d7a6
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      Fixed export2csv to deal with the json data better.
      I still cannot get the exported CSV file to cleanly import back into
      SQL, but it's *way* better than it was before.
      Still working on this.
      admin-default.css has had the header are set to fixed height.
      Hopefully things will be visiable for all browsers/screens now.
      Also updates to the readme file from earlier.
  2. 24 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Eric - kg6wxc's avatar
      Bugfix/Update/Enhancement Admin pages · bfbf4570
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      Finally finished a rough version of some admin pages that allow for
      maintenance of the DB, fixing node locations, removing nodes, etc...
      Username/Password is required to use the admin pages.
      You must create an intial user/password.
      When you first load the admin page it will ask you to create an initial
      This initial user is a "super user" and will be able to create other
      (more info is on the admin pages themselves)
      Fixed a stupid mistake in export2csv.php.
      Rearranged the columns in the node_info datebase which make the data
      more readable when exported as CSV file.
      Removed old DB columns that were now unused.
      Changed the *.css-default file(s) to *-default.css so that IE will use
      them without complaints.
      More than a few other little changes here and there...