1. 14 Apr, 2018 5 commits
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      more little changes · 85570074
      Eric - kg6wxc authored
      just changed the output of get-map-info --help a little bit.
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      another test · 8cce55b7
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      forcing update to get-map-info · 86fade76
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      added --help ability to get-map-info.php · ebadc3de
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      you can actually use --help, --h, -help, -h, /?, or ? to get the usage
      info now.
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      Many changes. · 8f0dd53c
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      Removed user-edited files so they do not get overwritten when updating
      the scripts.
      The user-edited files are now contained in the user-file.tar.gz archive.
      Once decompressed they will not be effected by future "git pull"
      Made changes to how the scripts find the included files, the whole thing
      can now just live in one directory, allowing for easier future updates.
      Added http-meshmap.conf file to plug in to apache configs. This allows
      the <WEBROOT>/meshmap directory to live virtually anywhere on the
      Updated README file to reflect these new instructions.
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