AREDN Network Automatic Mapping System 2016-2018 - Eric Satterlee / KG6WXC This README file last updated: april 2018

Addtional Credit to: Mark/N2MH and Glen/K6GSE for their work on this project.


Apache webserver (or equiv) PHP MySQL/MariaDB An available AREDN Mesh node, preferably connected to an AREDN network… Map Tiles, either in a static directory or available via some tile server.


Without a map tile server, Mesh users may not see any map tiles. On the mesh, you cannot expect the client to have internet access in order to retrieve the tiles, you must provide them yourself, one way or another.

It is way beyond the scope of this README file to help in setting up a map tile server. You are unfortunaly on your own there. It is a time consuming and computationaly expensive process, but can be done on “normal” hardware. It also takes 100’s of GB of HD space if you want to map the entire world. A good place to start for more info is: If you attempt it, be patient, you will get it wrong a few times but in the end you might be suprised. :)


1: Import the SQL file to create the database Example: sudo mysql < node_map.sql

2: Create a user for the database, you might have to login to the mysql as root. Here is an example of creating a mySQL user on Raspbian (which would apply for most linuxes): sudo mysql CREATE USER ‘mesh-map’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’; GRANT SELECT, DELETE, DROP, INSERT, TRIGGER, UPDATE on node_map.* TO ‘mesh-map’@‘localhost’; FLUSH PRIVLEGES;

3: Decompress user-files.tar.gz Example: tar -zxvf user-files.tar.gz This will create the files for the settings, They are distributed in compressed format so that your files do not get overwritten when the rest of the scripts get updated. (if anyone has a better idea for how to keep the user edited files “away” from the git repo, yet still in the same directory, it’d be great to hear about it)

The file scripts/user-settings.ini is probably the most important. It is very important to make sure your SQL username and password are correct in scripts/user-settings.ini!! Also important is, if the system that this is running on cannot resolve “localnode.local.mesh” you can change that in the user-settings.ini file.

There are many other things you can change in the ini files.

There is also a “custom.ini” file that can be used for more site specific overrides if needed.

3.5: To make sure it is all working at this point is probably a good idea. You should now be able to run get-map-info.php from the scripts directory. I would suggest giving it a test run first. Run it like this for test mode: ./get-map-info.php –test-mode-no-sql That will just make sure the scripts can reach your localnode and the rest of the network. It will output it’s progress, but is not updating the database. Run: ./get-map-info.php –test-mode-with-sql to have it output it’s progress and update the database. Run: ./get-map-info.php without arguments for “normal” mode, where there is no on screen output

4: Edit httpd-meshmap.conf to reflect the correct directories.

5: Copy httpd-meshmap.conf to the apache2 “Conf Available” directory, /etc/apache2/conf-available Once that is all done, run: sudo a2enconf httpd-meshmap If successful, it will tell you to reload apache, do so. *Other linux distibutions may require you to copy this file into /etc/httpd/extra and then edit /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and add the line: Include extra/httpd-meshmap.conf somewhere.

6: Load up the page: http://myhostname/meshmap/index.php and you should hopefully see your data. Map tiles are one of the biggest issues with something like this and are beyond the scope of this README file.

7: The file is to automatically run the polling script and can be run from cron every minute. (or at whatever interval you choose) The script will only run when the polling intervals in the user-settings.ini file have expired.

You must edit the file and make sure the path to get-map-info.php is correct!

A cron entry is as easy as this: * * * * * /home/pi/meshmap/

Use crontab -e to edit your users cron jobs.


Simply run a “git pull” from the meshmap directory and the scripts will be updated from the git repo. The, meshmap-settings.ini,, and files will not be affected by updating. If you make changes beyond the user editable files I encourage you to perhaps push the changes upstream, please contact if you wish to do so.

I am making changes all the time, it would be a good idea to run “git pull” from time to time to find any updates.


http://<hostname/meshmap/node_report.php will show you all the info in the DB without trying to map anything. This can be useful to see if all the data is there or to find nodes that have no location set. (or other issues)

There is an “admin” page, which is still in the works, what is there now does work tho. Try to load up: http:///meshmap/admin/admin.php in your web browser. I’ve tried to provide instructions on the admin pages themselves. From the admin pages you can “fix” a nodes location, which can be helpful for those users that forget the “-” in front of their longitude. :) The admin pages also allow for the addition of “Non Mesh” Markers, fire stations, police stations, EOC’s , etc…


Contribution is encouraged!! I can’t think of everything! If you find an improvement, typo or whatever, please, send an email to and we can get you setup with write access if you’d like!