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    BugFix: More 5GHz channels, 900MHz nodes now found by 'board_id' · a3dd4c4a
    Eric - kg6wxc authored
    Added 'non-US' 5GHz channel numbers.
    Device band was determined by channel, 900MHz and 2.4GHz have some of
    the same channel number and the script had a hard time telling which was
    This has (hopefully) been fixed now. Since there are only 3 AREDN
    compatible 900MHz devices, it was easier to just find those certain
    board_id's. This also allowed channel #4 to be added back into the list
    for 2.4GHz. (yes it was a hack but mostly worked :) )
    Additionally, I've been trying to optimize the file.
    A couple of the functions in that file consume 90%+ of the time it takes
    to render the webpage. (load_LinkedTO() is a beast!)
    On the cloud server this can sometimes completely stall the script(s)
    and fail to load the page at all.